Archicam is one of the best construction firms in Cambodia consisting of professional architects, designers, interior designer, and engineers who are highly trained and skilled to provide the best plans, consultations, designs and construction of buildings, as well as related services.

We keep focus on quality work for all our customers to build the prestigious projects of your dream. We believe that all services and projects provided by Archicam will contribute to the beauty of the city and the country as a whole. We stand firm on our core professional values and work ethics, so as to guarantee our dear customers full satisfaction.

Archicam is an architecture firm created and entered in 2012 by a Khmer architect who graduated in 2001 with an A+ in architecture and urbanization with the topic “the great cultural city of Udong.” The purpose of the topic was to show to all national and international visitors the history, tradition, culture, and most importantly, the Khmer style of architectural design, for all to see.The same Khmer architect was also a partner at Vispan architecture firm which is one of the most prestigious architecture firms in Cambodia now. Moreover, he was awarded the Legion of Honor by the former king Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneadth Norodom Sihanouk and the current king Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneadth Norodom Sihamoni, for a study and construction of Preah Reach Domnak Serey Mongkol in the royal Palace and the government building called the “Peace Building”, which functions as International conference center and governmental building. Archicam & Vispan was established with the common goal of showing the world, and especially developed countries that Cambodia’s modern architecture is a fast growing industry. We very much focus on, and value, creativity and initiative of fellow Khmer architects‘ ideas, as well as the fact that we can contribute to improve the city’s aesthetics to be compatible with home country’s growth into architecture and urbanism.

Archicam also open for the training students in design, urbanization, and engineering, and to offer internships at our firms under our supervision, and with a practical focus on accomplishing projects, so they can build practical and technical skills for their upcoing career.

Our dream is to provide best quality architectural works that stand out by their use of modern and high standard materials to pull it off for our customers’ great satisfaction and trust. It is Archicam’s ambition to expand and grow into one of the best and best recognized firms not only nationally but globally, given our highly creative input, and our hard work. We, ArchiCam, thank you for your support and trust, and the opportunties you will provide us for designing and creating the projects of your dreams.

Director / Chief Architect

Unnpheng Puthvisal